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Do your dollars matter? You decide after reading these stories. We would like to tell you of a mother who went into the local pharmacy to buy cough syrup. The pharmacist was a friendly person and people enjoyed supporting him. As his business grew, he decided to remodel his pharmacy. And so..... The local pharmacist hired the local builder..... The local builder's daughter got new braces....The local dentist's son married and ordered flowers from the local florist....The local florist had her van repaired at the local mechanics....The local auto mechanic had dinner at the downtown cafe....The cook from the cafe had her hair cut at the local salon....The local hair stylist purchased and antique table.....The antique's owner shopped for fruit at the local grocery....The local grocer stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription. While there, he bought his wife a gift.  He paid sales tax with this purchase, just as all of the others. Each time a transaction took place, taxes were gathered. In time, these taxes were used to repair the roads, to build local schools, clean the parks, and more in the same community. We hope this paints a picture in your mind of a healthy community. Do you see the money and taxes circling around? Do you see community members supporting each other and building a sound community for their children and their grandchildren of the future?

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