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Human Resources

The City of Tecumseh employs approxmiately 68 employees, The City of Tecumseh is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applications are accepted through the Human Resources Office. Open positions are advertised online through the Oklahoma Municipal League website, local newspapers, and the State of Oklahoma Unemployment Office.

Employee Benefits

  • Vacation - Full-Time employees shall be entitled to vacation leave based on the total employment time.
  • Sick Leave - Accumulation of 8 hours a month
  • Retirement - The City participates in the Oklahoma Municipal Retirement Fund, Fire  and Police Department employees participate in the Oklahoma Firefighters  and Police Pension and Retirement Systems
  • Group Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance Plan - City pays the full premium on employee coverage, or 80% of employee and family, whichever is greater.         
  • Paydays - City employees are paid bi-weekly on Thursday, direct deposit is available.



 Contact Information

Lynette Payne, Human Resources Director
405-598-2188 x 118