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Code Enforcement / Building & Zoning / Animal Welfare

The Code Enforcement/Building & Zoning enforce state and local construction codes and provides, efficient plan review, inspections through the review of applications, building plans and construction documents. Local codes include: 2009 International Building Code, 2009 International Residential Code for One and Two Family Dwellings, 2009 International Plumbing Code, 2009 International Fuel Gas Code, 2009 International Mechanical Code, 2008 Electrical Code. The Office maintains licenses, insurance and bonds of various contractors, assuring current effective dates before issuing a permit to build. Follow-up and on-site inspections are performed for compliance during construction phases.


Permits are required if the building, electrical, plumbing or mechanical systems are being constructed, enlarged, altered or are involved in major repairs. An application for building permits requires a sketch or scaled drawing of the property indicating all existing and proposed structures and improvements on the property. Homeowners may apply for building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical permits at the Building Department located in City Hall, 114 N Broadway. Office Hours are 8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday.


    Contact Information

Walter Rose, Building Director / IT Director / F.P.A. 405-598-2188 × 117


James Smith - Code Enforcement - Animal Control  405-598-2188 × 117



Tecumseh Zoning Map 2015


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